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Hegarty creates new campaign for AI talent agency Genie

The talent crunch is affecting pretty much every business, and if you can’t put graduates on £120k starting salaries like some of the legal firms are doing, why not get John Hegarty to mastermind your ad campaign instead?

It helps, of course, that Hegarty is chairman of AI talent agency Genie, which is the client here. Hegarty acted as executive creative director on this work, influenced by Genie’s own research showing (not surprisingly) that going on a walk, WFH, travel and experiences all have a big impact on shaping a creative mind.

Hegarty said: “I have constantly said that creativity isn’t an occupation, it’s a preoccupation. The creative mind is working all the time – it never stops seeing, listening, and finding out. This campaign captures exactly that. It highlights the way creatives look at things differently – and having Genie talent behind the campaign makes it even more special.”


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