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Agency collective Harbour launches new metaverse offer Harbour Immersive

UK based agency collective Harbour is venturing into the metaverse with Harbour Immersive. Adipat Virdi, who worked at Facebook as product lead for immersive, the BBC and Charlotte Tilbury has been hired to lead the new venture.

Harbour Immersive says it will help brands integrate the metaverse into their broader communication plan. It will also oversee creation and production.

Virdi (above) says: “The metaverse is not about the tech, the platforms or even about what realities your avatar will exist in. Under the hood, it is simply about enhanced audience engagement. Harbour gets that. They really understand that the emotional connective tissue is where immersive can help deliver these new opportunities for brands. It’s a unique partnership and I’m so excited to be working with them.”

Harbour creative partner Mick Mahoney says: “There’s a lot of noise out there about the metaverse. But what’s real and what’s hype? That’s where Harbour Immersive comes in. With Adi’s unparalleled experience in immersive strategy, and my background in building some of the world’s most successful brands, we can help clients navigate this new world with certainty, putting the “why?” before the “what?” to develop an immersive strategy that makes sense from a business, brand and communications perspective.”

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