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Wunderman Thompson global CCO Bas Korsten: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Not only do these pieces of work use technology in an interesting way, but they demonstrate the crossroad of creativity, technology and humanity. The best ideas these days, I think, come from this holy trinity and the below are all inspiring examples of that. I hope you’re just as inspired as I am by this work that makes you look at things through a different lens.

Samsung, ‘iTest’, DDB Tribal Aotearoa Auckland

iPhone users are scared of switching to Android because they don’t know how it works, so DDB created the ultimate hack to give people a little test and make it easy for them to make the switch. The tool is very realistic, easy to use, and ultimately, received over 10 million downloads and converted iPhone users into Samsung users. But not only was it effective, but the simplicity of it was also inspiring. It’s a solution that feels like it’s been staring us in the face all along. How did they see this when no one else did? No wonder it won a Black Pencil and it’s for that reason I think it’s tipped (no pun intended) to win big at Cannes.

VICE ‘The Unflitered History Tour’, Dentsu Webchutney

The ‘Unfiltered History Tour’ powerfully narrates the story behind the British Museum’s most disputed artefacts – those that have been ‘robbed’ from people all around the world and brought back to England – through immersive Instagram filters. It’s a great idea, using technology to uncover the truth that needs to be corrected and set the record straight about colonies who have roamed the earth for treasures.

Google ‘Seen on Pixel’, Anomaly

Smartphone cameras have historically failed to accurately capture images of people of color, not picking up on the nuances of Black skin and instead making people look washed out or unnaturally bright or dark. Google’s Super Bowl spot highlighted how its new Google Pixel 6 phone helps people of all skin tones take images that help them feel seen through their Real Tone feature. It’s a fellow shortlist in the Innovation Lions (along with our very own ‘Speaking in Color’ campaign), and a great example of using tech that’s fundamental to the product make the world a bit more equal. It’s super powerful.

Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, ‘Speaking in Color’, Wunderman Thompson Minneapolis

Sherwin Williams Speaking in Color from Wunderman Thompson on Vimeo.

Call me bias, but I think this is one of the best examples of our holy trinity of creativity, technology, and humanity. The most human way of connecting with someone is through speech, so what better way to find the color of your dreams than by describing a memory, place, or feeling. Simple, yet effective, and we’re crossing our fingers for a coveted Innovation Lion two years running!

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