Creature London CCO Ben Middleton: my Top Tips for Cannes

Hello, My names Ben and I’m the CCO and founder of a Creative agency called Creature.

I lost my faith in awards juries a long long time ago, so I’ve picked out three bits of work that I think should do well in Cannes this year because I think real actual human beings from the world around us will have loved them, not just the self-serving-circle-jerk-echo chamber of awards juries.

Save Ralph Arch Film Studio

I’ve had the huge privilege of working with Taika before he became a Marvel-movie-making-mega-man, and all I can say is that this stunning film is as close as you can get to experiencing the man himself. The performance of Ralph is beautifully crafted just like Taika’s hair. The attention to detail throughout the film is stunning, just like Taika Waititi’s dress sense,. And the happy go lucky sucker punch that Ralph delivers right at the end is heart-breaking, just like the way Taika no longer returns my calls/messages/letters/DM’s/underwear. Like Taika, this one deserves all of the lions. All of them.

Lost Class Leo Burnett Chicago

This work makes me as angry as Matthew McConaughey’s White House speech. Not just because of the tragedy that this work has to exist at all, but because it also made me furiously jealous. Such a brilliant, iconic and simple way of dramatising a problem that we all wish the United States would address properly. If this wins a well-deserved PR-shot Lion they should go and lob it through the NRA’s front window.

Activision/Blizzard: Call of Duty Warzone in Paradise 72andSunny Los Angeles

The campaign that did what we’d all like to do, and dropped an upper-class cabin-full of travel-influencers and their Rimowa’s into a warzone.  It’s the first piece of work I’ve seen that uses influencers in a genuinely creative way, and the fact that it put them into pixelated peril made me enjoy it all the more. Someone give that creative team a medal. Preferably made from smelted lions and travel influencers.

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