Johnny Vegas and Creature London put Blackpool on the map

Fresh from selling out to Dutch group Candid, Creature London is back in Britain with a campaign for VisitBlackpool that features a seagull called Nigel, voiced by Lancashire comedian Johnny Vegas.

Nigel is given the task of levelling up Blackpool, and to his credit he manages a comprehensive tour of all the attractions — including the Pleasure Beach amusement park and Stricly’s famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom — without making any seagull mess.

Stu Outhwaite-Noel, CCO of Creature London, said: “As far as British entertainment brands go, there can be few bigger or better than Blackpool. So it’s been a joy helping them bring more people to the town in a gloriously crowd-pleasing, shout it from the rooftops way. In Nigel we think we’ve just the gull to help us do just this. When it comes to advertising, Only in Blackpool do you get to have this much fun.”

The old-fashioned British seaside calls for an old-fashioned British ad, which Creature has delivered in (buckets and) spades.

MAA creative scale: 6

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