Control the Hype: Cadbury’s keeps the ads for its new Twirl Caramel ultra low key

Cadbury is making the ads for its new Twirl Caramel hard to find, claiming it’s to #ControlTwirlHype. The ads are positioned in out-of-the-way places and carry the line, “So limited we’re asking you to keep it to yourself.”

Created by VCCP, with media by Carat, some of them have been placed at sites in the Thames so that they disappear when the tide is up, while others are in remote locations, including the UK’s least used train station. At more popular sites, the ads are deliberately obscured by, for example, a white van.


Frederike Grohmann, brand manager for Cadbury Twirl at Mondelez, said; “We’re so excited to announce the launch of Twirl Caramel, but we want people to know that Twirl Caramel is a limited-edition bar, one that we know is going to be ridiculously popular. That’s why we’ve been controlling the hype with our adverts, which only the most eagle-eyed Cadbury fans will have spotted.”

It’s all a very transparent ploy to stoke up the hype, but the creative and media combination make it work.

MAA creative scale: 6

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