KFC goes back to basics in Mother’s ‘first bite’ campaign

KFC dramatises the anticipation of that first bite of crispy chicken in Mother London’s latest effort, which goes back to brand basics in a campaign that is hoping to bring in new customers as well as appeal to existing ones.

Leo Sloley, marketing lead at KFC UK&I, said: “Through research we found that the first bite of our famous fried chicken is a real peak moment in the KFC eating experience. People really do take their time to search out the crispiest, juiciest spot to take their precious first bite from. This whole campaign speaks directly to that relatable truth of how people savour our food.”

James Ross-Edwards, creative director at Mother, said: “Every choice we made was about dialling-up the anticipation we all feel for that delicious, mouthwatering first bite of chicken. We hope we succeeded in making you hungry.”

The campaign will run on TV, OOH, press and digital over the next few months. If the idea was to make KFC look tempting, then it’s worked.

MAA creative scale: 7

Here’s an example of the social.



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