DentsuMB UK takes Asahi Super Dry ‘Beyond Expected’ – but what did we expect?

Asahi beer has a ring of the 90s to it – the Super Dry version was created in Japan in 1987 to be more like an American beer and then popularised around the world. As the 90s are back in fashion, it’s a good time for Asahi to launch a global campaign.

DentsuMB UK’s ads are also faithful to the era. They rather ambitiously attempt to “dramatize the sensory experience” with a “Beyond expected” theme and a mystical trip through Japan.

Simon Lloyd, chief creative officer at dentsuMB, said: “The film came from the idea that a taste –especially a taste you haven’t tried– is hard to put into words. So, rather than explain what the beer’s like, a mysterious barman takes a man on a semi-magical journey through Japan. Show don’t tell. Loads of fun. And gives us a distinct position in the market from which to build.”

Created for the very disparate markets of the UK, US, Canada, Hungary, Taiwan, Singapore and China, they are at least an antidote to the craft beer craze.

MAA creative scale: 5

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