Walkers tells us to cut out the ‘f’word (fine) for Comic Relief

Ruby Wax, comedian and mental health campaigner, fronts up a Comic Relief campaign for Walkers Crisps that focuses on mental health and encourages us not to bottle up our emotions by using the “F” word – fine – in response to “How are you?”

VCCP’s campaign responds to Walkers research showing that “I’m fine” is uttered up to 215 million times a day in the UK, when many of us are far from it.

Wax said: “For me the greatest method of entry into people’s minds is making them laugh… I’m hoping that through this campaign and banning what is, in my opinion, the most offensive ‘F***’ word out there, we can open up the conversation surrounding mental wellbeing.”

Ross Neil, creative director at VCCP, said: “Let’s face it, we’ve all had an eventful last two years. We’re using the emblem of the swear jar to discourage people from using the F-word and instead of saying fine, opening up. It really does help.”

Walkers has also pledged £2 million to Comic Relief this year to support mental wellbeing programmes.


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