The Romans mix CBD with Faithless track ‘insomnia’ to help tired Brits get some sleep

Mother-backed PR agency The Romans has worked with 90s electronic band Faithless to remix their most famous track, Insomnia, as part of a sleep campaign for luxury CBD client, OTO.

The new version of Insomnia is 27-minutes long, timed to match the amount of time that the average Brit takes to fall asleep. Apparently 82% of UK adults have suffered with insomnia, so sleep scientist James Wilson was brought in to make sure the music was played at the optimum tempo for sleep.


Wilson said: “When creating the right conditions for sleep, it’s important to feel emotionally and physically secure, as a feeling of safety will allow the nervous system to relax. Music can help calm the mind by creating a state of relaxation. It’s also something that many people have a strong emotional connection to, so if there is a level of familiarity in the music to an earlier period in your life, this adds to that feeling of safety that can help us fall asleep.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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