Nosy neighbours have a field day in VCCP’s new ‘Open up’ campaign for Wickes

DIY chain Wickes is launching a big brand effort in a bid to keep hold of all the new customers it acquired in lockdowns over the last couple of years.

VCCP has followed last year’s “Housebarrassment” ads with a new, more positive approach called “Open up,” in which house proud Wickes customers keep their curtains open and their lights on – and even cut a hole in a hedge — so that passers-by can get a good look at their handiwork.

Simon Learman, VCCP creative director, said: “Everyone in the UK should be able to feel proud of the place they call home. By showing a cross section of society all feeling house proud, we show how Wickes can help you banish that feeling of housebarrassment forever.”

The TV campaign breaks during Gogglebox and comes in the week that Wickes signed signed Girls Aloud singer turned TV presenter Kimberley Walsh on a two year “talent partnership.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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