EasyJet rebrands for the ‘nextGen’ traveller in new campaign

This week a Boeing 737 crashed over China killing 132 people, and there have been lots of news stories about airport delays due to lack of staff.

It’s not an easy time for the travel industry, but the dropping of restrictions means that bookings are up, so easyJet is celebrating with a brand refresh and a pan-European feelgood campaign.

VCCP’s “nextGen” campaign makes an effort to position easyJet as embracing a new generation of customers and their concerns for the planet, although that’s a bit of a stretch for an airline.

The new branding is subtle, with all assets now showing contrasting blue and orange tones, and something called a “cyan bias.” Whatever, it looks warm and glowing and smacks of freedom and summer holidays, which can only be a good thing.

MAA creative scale: 7


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