Bumble bumbles into the “romance gap”

Dating app Bumble is taking a rather less traditional view of getting together than Irn Bru, urging women to “drop the script” in a new campaign from 72andSunny Amsterdam.

As ever these days there’s some cod research to back up the proposition, this time from YouGov.

This found that 85% of people think equality is important in dating and relationships, 74% believe there are different expectations based on gender identity (now there’s a thing.)

52% state say men are expected to take the lead in relationships (which also means nearly half don’t think this) while a third of women and a third of women said they changed their behaviour to make someone feel more powerful or comfortable (they could just be being polite.)

The result, says Bumble, is a “Romance Gap.”

Not surprised that there’s a romance gap with this lot really.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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