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Nielsen finally gets to grips with paid-for social media

Nielsen has announced long-awaited enhancements to its Nielsen Ad Intel service for UK marketers with detailed advertising monitoring that now includes paid social media ad spend.

Media monitored includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on top of the existing digital channels and traditional media (TV, radio, Out of Home, press and cinema).

Advertisers spent more than £3.5 billion on social platforms in 2021, with Amazon, NHS England and Google among the top spenders.

Nielsen Media UK commercial director Barney Farmer says: “Social media is a place where brands can reach and interact with their consumers. Marketers continue to increase their presence in this advertising channel where ROI can be measurable.

“With this significant enhancement to our advertising coverage, publishers, platforms, agencies and brands can benefit from a comprehensive representation of who is advertising in social media as well as the other digital advertising activity we already track.”

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