Self care is easy if you do it with flowers in 180’s US ad

Now that it’s big business, self care has got pretty tiresome and demanding, so do yourself a favour and buy a bunch of flowers instead. That’s the message from “That Flower Feeling,” California’s flower trade body.

The campaign by 180 Amsterdam is a first for the brand, which serves 48 US states. It gives a humorous run-through of the many pitfalls of facemasks, smoothies, complicated exercises and online therapies that populate the wellbeing universe, when a bunch of flowers does the trick.

Pol Hoenderboom, ECD of 180 Amsterdam, said: “Our aim is to take flowers from solely being seen as a luxury to a daily dose of self care. We used the power of humour to demonstrate just how far the world of self care has gone, when, in reality, all we really need is flowers.”

Steve Dionne, executive director at CalFlowers, said: “The simple act of buying a few flowers regularly to add to your home can do more than make you smile. It can lift your mood, increase your productivity and turbocharge your creativity.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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