Noughties pop group Steps gatecrash a flash mob for Samsung and O2

The flip phone is back, but this time it’s by Samsung and it’s a massive improvement on the original noughties version. Working with O2, VCCP has recruited pop group Steps, who were big in those days and still have a retro appeal for millennials, to invade a flash mob at the O2 arena in the middle of a performance of one of their own hits, “Deeper shade of blue.”

Aurélien Pakula-Rayssac-Baures, associate creative director at VCCP London, said: “The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 took us straight back to the early noughties, when flip phones and pop dance moves were the norm. So, building on these nostalgic feelings and the current TikTok dance trend, it felt natural to create a surprise flashmob featuring the iconic band Steps to demonstrate the modernised features of Samsung’s latest flip phone.”

MAA creative scale: 5

Reminiscent of the original flash mob ad for T-Mobile by the much-missed Paul Silburn — also from the noughties and always worth a rewatch.

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