BBC invades Green Park station with campaign for new Green Planet series

David Attenborough is presenting a new series, Green Planet, and BBC Creative is promoting it with a takeover of Green Park tube station, immersing passengers in pictures of plant life in all its multi-coloured variety.

Each poster focuses on a single plant species, given a sci-fi like edge by making the plants resemble portraits of strange creatures from another world. Everything from carnivorous underwater plants to humanoid desert cacti are showcased in the posters, which run alongside two digital screens showing the trailer from the five-part series.

Stuart Gittings, Creative Lead at BBC Creative (previously at Above + Beyond), said: “Our goal for ‘Welcome to Their World’ was to showcase the series’ most otherworldly plantlife in the most immersive way possible, so taking over a piece of London’s iconic Underground presented an unmissable opportunity to bring our audience into their world.”

Apparently the opening episode introduces viewers to a gigantic underground fungus that survives by enlisting ants to feed it leaves from nearby plants.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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