Disney tops Unruly’s “emotionally engaging” Christmas ads – good from Tesco too

Video and CTV programmatic advertising platform Unruly has been assessing this year’s Christmas ads via its Unruly EQ methodology, to find out which ones are the most “emotionally engaging.”

7,200 consumers around the world (2,000 in the UK) took part in the study.

Top Ads

Unruly EQ VP Terence Scroope says: “Similar to our 2020 global analysis, Disney and Coca-Cola have risen to the top three for producing the most emotionally engaging ads this Christmas. These huge brands have been able to generate creative pieces of imaginative content using a significant budget this holiday season.”

“Interestingly many ad campaigns have moved away from any COVID-19 themes, despite the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty. However, Tesco hinted at this in their ad touting a vaccinated Santa Claus and scored a very impressive second place for the ad, demonstrating that consumers engage emotionally with ads that speak to their reality.”

Disney’s obviously good at this emotion kind thing as is Coca-Cola (trying something new with DentsuMB.) Good performance from Tesco and BBH, which tried hard to be different (and annoyed anti-vaxxers in the process.). Wonder how much the media budget had to do with the rankings?

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