Ogilvy MD Victoria Day picks her Desert Island Ads

Victoria Day is managing director, advertising, brand & content at Ogilvy UK, where she is a key player in the Walgreens Boots team. She joined Ogilvy in 2018 from adam&eveDDB, where she was a managing partner, running the Waitrose, Google and Halifax accounts.


Agency: Mother

KFC have barely put a foot wrong in the last few years, credit to Mother who have made their brand feel fresh and relevant over and over again. Good print ads are rare as hens teeth these days but this one is a beauty – funny, informative, and wonderfully opportunistic.

Directed by Megaforce

Beautiful, surreal, apparently inspired by a quote from founder Thomas Burberry, ‘Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom’ and that is exactly the spirit that is evoked by this. There is no tension here between brand and product here just a very simple thought, executed with absolute clarity and craft.

Agency: Collins Dickinson Pearce.
Directed by Alan Parker

As everyone who knows anything is aware, comedy is extremely hard to do well. Especially in 30”. This series of ads was a masterclass born in the era of the classic British sitcom, which use the same simple joke of a spilled drink over and over. The timing is perfection, the director lets the action play out without adding anything superfluous. Hard to pick a favourite one in the series but ‘Airline’ takes it, as Joan flying backwards in her seat makes me giggle every time.

Agency: Simons Palmer
Directed by Jonathan Glazer, 1997

220 football players from all walks of life, ages, genders and religions gathered at the spiritual home of Sunday league football, otherwise known as Hackney Marshes to film a Nike ad. At a time when Nike was seen as too glossy and American to get English footie, this changed the game. I hate football, and I still loved it. Whatever league you’re in ‘just do it’ feels as right today as it did then.


Has any brand shown such consistent mastery of the print and OOH advertising? I’d argue not. Thought provoking, intelligent, and engaging. Lots of brands talk about having a point of view, The Economist has one.

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