Lucky Generals hits a new level with Amazon Christmas heart-wringer

The doorbell rang this morning; it’s Santa someone said. “You mean Jeff Bezos?” and it was.

Amazon is going large this Christmas with this from Lucky Generals, tackling the issue of kindness, which has confused many a philosopher. Highlighted by the pandemic, of course.

Amazon’s Ed Smith says: “The past 18 months have been challenging for people across the globe, including many young adults. Our time together cannot be taken for granted. So, this year, while the world will not be totally back to normal, opportunities for kindness and connection will take on a newfound importance.”

Amazon doesn’t usually say much about its ads. Are they window dressing, as many suspect, or a key part of its mission to…well we’ll leave that open for now.

Maybe the best so far from the Generals and beautifully realised by Trey Edward Schults for Academy Films. Grabs you at the end, which is what these Xmas emotion numbers are supposed to do.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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