Cartier pulls out all the stops for ‘Celebration of Love’

Many Christmas/holiday ads this year have had an air of siege about them: our old (and renascent in some parts of the world) party pooper Covid is the context for many, which seems to have led to a glut of somewhat murky films.

Cartier isn’t having any of that nonsense with ‘A Celebration of Love’ from Publicis Luxe, bringing together some pretty famous (and undeniably decorative) fans of the brand including Willow Smith, Troye Sivan and Jackson Wang, Lilly Collins, and Monica Bellucci (who we’ve all heard of.)

Shot in Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai by director and fashion photographer Charlotte Wales, so the gals doubtless had a pretty good time. Not least when they opened their little red boxes.

And it shows.

Cartier says: “The ad is a choral film like no other, a sincere hymn to universal love where the House celebrates the power of unity, joy and love.” As you do, if you’re, well, Cartier.

Frothy nonsense of course but we can all do with that from time to time.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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