The Planet vs Bolsonaro: 180 Amsterdam starts a conversation ‘too loud to ignore’

As COP26 approaches, climate activists are upping their game. You can block the Blackwall Tunnel in the rush hour like Insulate Britain, or you can file a complaint against Brazil’s president Bolsonaro at the International Criminal Court against and make a hard-hitting ad, like global NGO AllRise.

This spot by 180 Amsterdam launches the campaign, asking people to make a stand against the environmental crimes that Bolsonaro is committing.

It comes with a toolkit including gifs, stickers, and printable materials, all using the same distinctive design template that can easily be adapted by supporters to create their own messages.

Kalle Hellzén, chief creative officer at 180 Amsterdam said: “‘The Planet vs Bolsonaro’ is an incredible initiative that can drive remarkable change. We’re so proud to be part of this idea and the democratic design and messaging system that will capture the public’s attention and empower them to act, creating a conversation that is too loud to ignore.”

Johannes Wesemann, founder of AllRise said: “We need to hold powerful individuals, like Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who intentionally destroy the environment, accountable. How? With laws already in place, which we need to use to secure our planet for the generations to come. And with the power of the people. The time is now.”

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