Now turns to animation for TopCashback debut

Is 30 seconds enough? Many classic ads have been just this of course but, even so, it’s not much time when there’s a pretty detailed message to get over. Works best, maybe, when it’s a comedy vignette with the brand in there somewhere and a packshot at the end. Like CDP’s classic ads for Cinzano for example.

30 seconds seems to coming back though, in part driven through UK TV price inflation with ITV mercilessly driving up the price as advertisers return post-pandemic. Habitat’s recent relaunch via new agency New Commercial Arts used 30s too although more would seem merited. But the media boys think 30s offer the best value so..

TopCashback, which claims to be the leading such UK site,is launching its biggest campaign to date through new agency Now with quite a bold departure from the norm – a stop frame animation hummingbird.

Quite winning and the hummingbird may fly. Problem: as with Habitat, there’s a lot of information to cram in and it gets in the way of the good bits.

Someone should let Now off the leash with a longer length film.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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