Now brings human touch to Petplan

Pet insurance is big business these days (an increasingly expensive one pet owners will tell you) and Petplan, owned by insurance giant Allianz, is a big player.

For many, pets seem more important than people and indie agency Now riffs on this in a big new integrated campaign. Just 30 seconds here, also featuring celebrity vet Noel Fitzpatrick (mercifully not too much of him – media medics get you down a bit, they’re everywhere.)

Is it a birth, a cancer opp? Course not, a dog…

Petplan head of brand Jo Maclennan says: “As the UK’s number one pet insurer, the anxious worry pet owners feel when their pets are ill or injured is something we empathise with daily. Pets are family and the important role they play in our lives allows us to connect with our audience through a shared understanding. As the ad says, getting the best care matters, creating a clear role for the brand and the superior proposition we provide.”

Could have been soupy but the irony saves it.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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