Baking a new meta-recipe for Facebook

Go on then, what would you call Facebook?

The always under fire (and ever-richer) social network is reportedly changing its name. Various new ones have been bandied around: Campaign suggests Metaverse as this Mark Zuckerberg’s new frontier. Why not try to trademark it?

Facebook, which also owns Instagram, what’s App, Oculus VR, LiveRail and Threadsy (new one on me) could form a new holding company as Google did with Alphabet but that wouldn’t do much for its battered image. It would make disposals easier though, if it ever comes to that.

A Reuters round-up has some interesting ones, reflecting Facebook’s ageing user profile: Boomerville is one such. Even less kind are Fakebook and Tracebook, reflecting its alleged practices.

Think we’ll stick with Apple Pie, which we suggested yesterday was its ad mantra. Hard to accuse Apple Pie of acts of wickedness somehow.

Suggestions obviously welcome.

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