Facebook Portal from AMV takes risk-free route

Facebook seems to be becoming a rather leaky organisation these days, inevitable perhaps when alleged scandals follow wherever Mark Zuckerberg and his cyborg cohorts tread.

Officially, though, the strategy seems to be apple pie. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE and DON’T FRIGHTEN THE HORSES might be writ large at Facebook HQ.

So grandparents – everybody loves grandparents don’t they? – seems an obvious seam to mine.

Love them we may do but many of them, according to this new Facebook Portal video sharing campaign from new(ish) agency AMV BBDO, don’t see their grandchildren nearly enough – without Portal. The pandemic hasn’t helped, of course.

Aaron Hoffman, director international marketing at Facebook Reality Labs (what on earth are they?) says: “As we prepare to launch our newest video-calling devices, Portal Go and Portal+, this campaign shines a light on how important the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren really is. There are incredible mental and physical benefits the bond between these two generations can unlock when they’re able to connect more often.”

AMV says: “Portal is all about sharing something real and having those meaningful moments of connection regardless of where you are. Simply by sharing a school accolade over a Portal call or connecting with a distant grandson to read them a bedtime story, the campaign demonstrates that our connections and relationships grow stronger on Portal.”.

OK, fair enough. And the ad’s OK although no more than that. Granparents/grandchildren is an interesting connection with all sorts of opportunities. Somewhat overlooked here.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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