Uncommon creates dark family drama for new B&Q spot

This one starts off rather tragically, with a single dad in a deep funk because his house, and by implication his life, is slowly falling apart.

But the procrastination stops when a crack in the wall whispers “later means never,” and B&Q’s products come to the rescue.

Chris Graham, marketing director, B&Q said: “The past 18 months have been a period of change like no other — turbulent and often out of our control. We believe now is the time to inspire our customers to take charge of the positive changes they can make to their homes.”

Tobey Duncan, head of planning at Uncommon, said: “The Build a Life platform has never been defined by a look or character. The latest work really champions positive change — but this time moving inside the home to our interior spaces. Change is progress but it doesn’t just happen — it’s something you have to self-author.”

It’s a little dramatic and it’s unusual how the campaign changes creative direction every time — first we had a fly on the wall style, and then animated flowers — but it’s nicely done.

MAA creative scale: 7

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