Uncommon’s ode to resilience: B&Q’s ‘we will grow again’ spring campaign celebrates new beginnings

Spring is here and restrictions are lifting but let’s face it — with the South African variant at large, vaccine supplies patchy and travel in doubt – back gardens are likely to play a major role in summer 2021, just as they did in 2020, for those lucky enough to have outside space.

B&Q and Uncommon are seeing spring as a sign of hope and resilience with a new campaign that reassures us, “We will grow again.”

Nils Leonard, Co-founder, Uncommon Creative Studio added: “The arrival of spring has never meant more to all of us than it has now. We’re not just coming out of another winter — there’s a whole load of stuff we’re leaving behind this time. The sentiment that we will grow again is a lesson nature teaches us every year: the good stuff will always come through if you plant it.”

B&Q owner Kingfisher’s pre-tax profits were up 44 per cent last year, and sales are likely to hold up in 2021, so all credit to the retailer for continuing to invest in advertising. A skilful development of Uncommon’s “Build a life” B&Q debut.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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