UK motorway OOH operator Admedia rebrands to i media

Admedia, the outdoor company that handles ad sales at Motorway Service Areas (MSAs) across the UK, has rebranded to i media. Admedia was founded in 1995.

The company was bought recently by a consortium led by Jonathan Lewis the former CEO of Outdoor Plus (now part of Global) and is also backed by ex-Mediacom global CEO Stephen Allan.

Jonathan Lewis, i media CEO, says: “The rebrand to i media is just the first step in a programme of rapid transformation in the environment and reflects the commitment to digitising and improving screen quality. The renaming ensures we are relevant to the next generation of media opportunity that brings outdoor advertising closer to the media mix.

“We are now embarking on our programme of rapid transformation to bring advertisers the best opportunity to reach a growing audience in an ever-improving environment in the most intelligent and accountable way.”

i media has plans to treble its digital estate of large format Nexus screens, as well as to build significant numbers of digital 6 sheets across its portfolio of 136 motorway locations.

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