Epica calls out agency excuses in the awards game

Closing date for the Epica Awards is drawing near (in what looks likely to be a highly crowded awards season) and Epica is plugging its point of difference, the awards are judged by (supposedly impartial) journalists (not us BTW.)

Amsterdam agency Cloudfactory has produced some films highlighting the (supposed again) mendacity of other awards with networks ganging up on each other and the like and the excuses agencies make for missing out. Surely not?

Just seen the categories and shortlists for Campaign’s Big Awards (Uncommon top again in shortlists) and there seem to be more categories for doing good in various guises than selling stuff. Newspapers come under entertainment, which is a bit weird.

Epica’s effort? Chance missed we feel. Could have been funnier and ruder.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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