Concern Worldwide harnesses fake news to curb poverty

Levelling up seems to be on many people’s minds as the rich get richer (and the rest of us don’t) even although the world, as some believe, is going to hell in a handcart thanks to climate change, Covid and Mark Zuckerberg (not everyone believes this.)

Concern Worldwide is a long-established Irish NGO which seeks to help the world’s poor and it’s taking a timely pot shot at billionaires and billion dollar companies, the mostly American fortunate few (although they’re growing in number) who are thriving, sometimes at a cost to the rest of us.

Instead of floating around in space and general wokery they should give their money away says Concern. so we have a spin on fake news, provided by Fred & Farid LA.

Goes on a bit but the point is well made. So come on Bezos and Branson, give the stuff away.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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