Virgin Trains and boss Branson proffer a fond farewell

Have you had the “time of your life” on Virgin Trains between 1997 and 2019, the length of its franchise?

Richard Branson would like to think so in this vid from social media agency Cubaka featuring some B-listers (and himself) from the period. Virgin has lost the highly lucrative north west franchise in a disagreement with the Government over pension liabilities.

Not everyone is so sad about the demise of Virgin Trains, of course: especially those charged huge prices for buying tickets on the day or unlucky enough to have the wrong ticket. So it’s a brand that’s been curling around the edges, a bit like Branson who’s now devoting his non-galactic efforts to try to win the contract for the UK’s National Lottery.

This one? They had to say something one supposes but a proper ad from Anomaly would have been better.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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