Prime changes everything, especially Rapunzel’s attitude, in new Amazon spot from Joint London

Amazon continues its run of great ads with this new spot by Joint London, which gives us a new take on the Rapunzel tale. Far from a ‘woke’ rerun, it’s a funny, fresh and modern ‘up yours’ to the Brothers Grimm — and makes a very relevant point about Amazon Prime along the way.

There’s another good one in the series (this one by Hungry Man) where Cleopatra gives up her diva attitude and goes all Mad Max in the desert. Great to see some class 30 second ads — there’s a lot you can do in that time.

Joint London have continued quietly to do interesting work since they started out as a breakaway from Y&R London in 2012, led by creative chief Damon Collins. The agency is currently running a daily social TV show from Tokyo with DFS called OMGB which is better than it sounds — there are comedy hosts and lively interviews with Team GB medal winners.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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  1. Is that Victoria Beckham’s voice in that commercial?

  2. Who is the voice over on Cleopatra & Rapunzel Amazon spots?