New Commercial Arts wins Zurich global CX account

New Commercial Arts, the already high profile London agency formed by James Murphy, David Golding, Ian Heartfield and Rob Curran only last year, has won Zurich Insurance’s global customer experience account. It’s a particular feather in the cap for Curran, who joined the start-up from Wunderman Thompson where he was chief experience officer.

It’s the third big CX account for NCA in its short life; it already handles CX for Halifax (along with advertising) and a global assignment from Uber. 72andSunny handles Zurich’s advertising.

NCA’s other accounts include Vodafone global creative, (which it won in a pitch against Lucky Generals), Habitat, now owned by Sainsbury’s and OOH trade body the World Out of Home Organization.

It’s hardly a surprise that NCA has won some high profile creative accounts (although no-one really expected such a stellar line-up so soon) but the inroad into CX maybe is one.

NCA’s mantra is “Uniting brand and customer creativity, to make brands more desirable and easier to buy.”

It’s certainly helping to sell the hottest start-up in years.

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