#NowYork campaign by ‘Dog Lovers for New York’ attempts to put the bite back into the ‘Big Apple’

New Yorkers – whether native or not – tend to have a unique relationship with their city. Already its branding is unparalleled; just look at the success of “I Heart New York”, which has never been matched anywhere in the world.

A group of New Yorkers (the same group who created the popular “Dog Lovers for Biden” ad) have got together to create the #NowYork campaign, to help drive life and love back into the city after it was devastated by lockdowns and Covid-19 casualties last year.

Now calling themselves “Dog Lovers for New York,” the team is led by Matt Scheckner, known to many as global CEO of Advertising Week, alongside TBWA/Chiat/Day New York CEO Rob Schwartz and his former colleague Patrick O’Neill.

#NowYork is a positive campaign to show that New York is back in business, using a bold, graphic, design aesthetic to urge everyone to “Come out and play” while promoting landmark restaurants including Balthazar and Raouls, as well as cultural venues like the Museum of Modern Art.

A TV spot is being put together, but the campaign will launch first outdoor, courtesy of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, and during baseball games at New York Mets and New York Yankees stadiums. There will also be plenty of merchandise (bags, t-shirts, masks) to help raise funds.

London will also need some help to get back on its feet as it slowly begins to open up this spring, although as it’s still such a dominant city in the UK, the country’s relationship with it is more complex.

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