Facebook’s global media pitch team should be interesting – who are the poachers and who the gamekeepers?

Facebook is reviewing its estimated $750m global media account – not a surprise really as most big advertisers seems to do this these days every two years or so. Facebook has only recently emerged as a big advertiser, using advertising to fight its PR battles against legislators and the like.

WPP’s Mindshare is the main incumbent with Dentsu also involved. Seems as though all the holding companies are going to be invited to pitch. Will the cheapest offer triumph, as is usually the case? Facebook hardly needs the money.

What is interesting is that there’s been a considerable brain drain from media agencies to the tech giants in recent years – as there has with creative agencies – and Facebook could probably put a pretty decent media agency together itself if it chose to. Facebook’s pitch team will be an interesting one, they should certainly know where any bodies might be buried.

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