AMV gives new Sheba campaign the gourmet treatment

Assuming we ever get rid of lockdowns (not a racing certainty) one of the enduring consequences will be thousands of newly-acquired pampered pets.

My neighbourhood is awash with cockapoo puppies having to share lamp posts (dognappers please don’t read this.)

Cats are maybe missing out but Mars petfood brand Sheba is doing its bit for felines with a new range, Perfect Portions Bistro which includes such delectations as Salmon in Creamy Sauce, Chicken Alfredo and Seafood Scampi.

Legend has it that Mars petfood marketers used to eat the stuff to test it out/inspire retailers. Shouldn’t be a problem with this.

AMV BBDO is handling the campaign and has produced a suitably exquisite series of ads.

Haven’t seen such effort in a print ad for ages, let alone for human food.

Funny old world.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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