Translated’s Lara brings some creative sunshine

Time to escape to the sunny Mediterranean, to the Sicilian island of Salina with a cast of locals illustrating the benefits of professional online translation service Translated in an interesting campaign by Milan agency Auge. Featuring Lara, a little girl who doesn’t need Translated at all as she speaks every language in the world.

Translated uses a network of 180,000 translators of over 180 languages, working for some big corporates including airbnb and Google.

Translated founder Marco Trombetti says: “In a world in which technology plays an increasingly important role, we want to celebrate the most human thing we have: language, which allows us to understand and be understood.”

Auge ECD Federica Ariagno says: “Our client is a dreamer and working with a dreamer is always inspiring. Translated is a brand the world should recognise not just for its great proposition, but also for its unique attitude and optimism.

“We came up with a simple story, almost surreal, to describe their vision, to express their purpose. Filming it has been part of the adventure. In a difficult moment for the world, a little flower has bloomed on that island.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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