Innocent drinks and BMB rescue PPE-clad Santa

Poor old Santa Claus is having a tough time this year, what with lockdowns and all the rest of it, but Innocent drinks and agency BMB are nobly setting out to save the embattled old boy’s  Christmas in a VOD and social campaign.

Not the first iteration of this notion but, possibly, the best.

Innocent is giving away copies of the Sally Anderson illustrated book and it can be downloaded from its website.

Anna Clare, head of digital at Innocent, says: “We already make smoothies so Santa Safety Suits were the next obvious move. Great to be able to add ‘saving Christmas’ to our list of achievements this year.”

BMB CCO Matt Lever says: “It’s not often you get to create a children’s book, stop every kid in the world from crying and completely confuse a costume designer all at the same time.”

Funny and charming.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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