Happy Christmas to all our readers – with the odd exception

It’s been a pretty terrible year for the world with Covid-19. Business in general has suffered hammer blows and advertising, marketing and media more than their fair share.

MAA has had its downs too: we lost business partner and contributor Paul Simons in November. Paul is much missed by everyone at MAA and our readers who lapped up his incisive articles, founded on 40 years of top level experience in advertising and marketing.

Since then we’ve embarked on tortuous journeys with our bank – when a partner and shareholders dies the paperwork (digital though it may be) is a nightmare. For some reason our PayPal account went AWOL, meaning that people who wished to contribute via PayPal to MAA couldn’t. We’ve left it up because we’ve been continually told one more bit of info would sort it. Hmm. The customer journey for small businesses in the digital age is far from an easy one. Keep you posted on that.

But, of course, they retain a place in our affections (for now anyway.)

We wish the most miserable of Christmases to the odious Picrights.

But to all our readers, now many tens of thousands a month, we wish a happy holiday and better fortunes in 2021. At some stage the world will return to something like normal (even in the dysfunctional UK) and there’s much to be looked forward to – really there is.

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