Three wise queens guide GHD into a glamorous Christmas

GHD and agency Cult London bring some glamour into the Christmas ad proceedings with their tale of three wise queens, who come bearing gifts of straighteners, curling tongs and a hairdryer.

The ad campaign, which informs us “Every wise queen deserves a good hair day,” will run on TV in several markets around the world in the run up to Christmas.

Montse Passolas, global CMO of ghd said: “The Christmas campaign is fundamental to ghd and Cult struck the right look, feel and tone with the Three Wise Queens delivering good hair days.”

MAA creative scale: 5

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  1. GHD – Christmas Advert

    The GHD Christmas advert which has ‘three wise queens’, bearing gifts of straighteners, curling tongs and a hairdryer is not only in the worst possible taste given that the words accompanying the advert are from the Mass for the Dead – the Lacrimosa dies illa – from Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor but the add is an affront to Christianity and borders on Chritianaphobia in the way it misrepresents and makes fun of the biblical story of the birth of the Messiah.

  2. You are absolutely right john mcloughlin. To celebrate the birth of Christ with the Lacrimosa is in the worst possible taste, mocking Christianity. One wonders at the ignorance of whoever chose this. Absolutely appalling. Never ever will I consider buying one of their products.