Snoop Dogg and SodaStream show us the freshest way to save the planet with ‘small bubbles, big impact’

First JustEat, now SodaStream: hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg has proved to be a highly successful (if somewhat unlikely) brand spokesman this year. This ad is an entertaining Christmas spot that paints a funny picture of Snoop’s domestic life, while making SodaStream look desirable and eco-friendly.

Made by Jiminy Creative Tel Aviv (SodaStream is an Israeli global success story, bought by PepsiCo in 2018), the ad reminds us that the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Snoop hangs out with a sea turtle and points out that that you don’t need to start a nature relief fund to help save the planet from plastic waste.

Snoop is a very modern version of the renaissance man. As well as his musical career, he is a marijuana entrepreneur, launched his own wine this year (Snoop Cali Red), and starred in a Netflix documentary about his football coaching. At the same time, he still happily carries an aura of his past — he has been in prison for drugs, directed a porn movie, and was associated with gangs in California.

Even better than McCann’s very successful JustEat spot.

MAA creative scale: 9

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