Snoop Dogg joins Just Eat’s insistent chorus

McCann London’s ‘Did somebody say Just Eat’ is a real throwback – to the days when jingles ruled the airwaves. But it undoubtedly works, even if it drives you mad.

Now, though, Just Eat is going all sophisticated, enlisting rapper Snoop Dogg for a new global campaign.

Just Eat CMO Susan O’Brien says: “We know our original ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat’ jingle is a bit of an opinion-divider and it led to many a conversation, or sing-a-long, as people enjoyed their favourite takeaway.

“As much as we love it, what better way to step things up a notch than to get the help of a global legend? Snoop answered our call and created a version of the song that got us all smiling.”

Wouldn’t be a surprise if ever-ingenious McCann CCOs Rob Doubal and Laurence Thomson have other performers lined up – Elton John for Christmas?

Proper advertising, whether you go for Snoop or not. A candidate for campaign of the year.

MAA creative scale (this one): 7.5.

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