Publicis zeroes in on Exascale Day for Hewlett Packard

File under funny old world.

Here’s a campaign for Hewlett Packard Enterprise from Publicis in the US celebrating Exascale Day (which you did of course on October 18, who needs Halloween?)

Exascale refers to computing systems capable of computing 10 to the eighteenth power billion calculations per second, so Agency Spy tells us.

Publicis New York CCO Andy bird says: “We came up with a really simple, yet powerful idea—to intrigue curious minds and prompt them to find out how the power of 18 zeros can change the world we live and work in. We love the way it brings you in with a simple headline, teasing a website made of 18 zeroes and asking the big question of how it can solve our biggest challenges.”

Such a vaccines, the ad says. With all this super-computing power how come it’s taking so long?

Nice and simple (for a somewhat complex issue) from HPE and Publicis.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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