MAA blast from the past: Southern Comfort

Covid-19 is reported to be driving many of us to drink, so which tipple should we choose?

Booze ads are arguably the hardest because you can’t say very much – so most advertisers veer between what they think are trendy, attractive consumers and ‘heritage.’ Has there ever been a good ad campaign for wine?

Back in 2012 – seems an age ago but there were lots of good agencies producing good ads – Wieden+Kennedy tipped the trendy, attractive consumer notion on its head with this.

Didn’t drive me to Southern Comfort alas but deserved to.

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One comment

  1. Surely Paul Masson’s “We sell no wine before its time.” Featuring Orson Welles. Best of all, pissed as a rat here… Almost as good as his ranting whilst recording a spot for Birds Eye peas… Who needs Citizen Kane when you can have a pissed Orson Welles?