Post-lockdown creativity: hibernate with IKEA and do-it-yourself with B&Q

IKEA is continuing its campaign to own sleep via agency Mother – ‘Tomorrow Starts tonight’ – with a print and out of home campaign comparing the benefits of (IKEA-induced) sleep with what it calls ‘fad’ products including energy drinks, anti-ageing creams and vitamin supplements.

Shot by photographer Amy Currell, using large-scale models designed by Andy Knight Ltd to house the IKEA bedding.

Spot on for the times. Maybe IKEA is really saying that amid Covid-19, with winter coming on, we might just as well hibernate. Heard worse ideas.

MAA creative scale: 9.

Staying in the home, Uncommon’s new “Build a Life” B&Q campaign has also been taken OOH with a series of 17 graphic posters, again putting everyday DIY purchases in the context of life at home, but with a very different aesthetic to the TV ad.

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