Too many athletes get in the way of Nike’s covid-19 message

Nike ads have had more than their fair share of epic moments over the years. now, with LeBron James in the chair via agency Wieden+Kennedy, it’s advising us that “you’re never too far down” in moments of crisis – to come back, that is.

There is, of course, the mother and father of a crisis worldwide at the moment – so a need to tread carefully. So we have an array of multi-millionaire sports stars – enriched by Nike – showing us the way.

But that’s the trouble isn’t it? This lot may be good at overcoming reverses in their chosen paths but are they a lesson to us all? Has Cristiano Ronaldo had a career-threatening injury? Or did Nike just insist that all their top talent got a mention?

With Colin Kaepernick Nike nailed it. Not here, alas.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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