These ads from Heinz, Tesco, Aldi and Guinness are the consumers’ lockdown favourites

Advertising in a time of disruption hasn’t been easy for brands, and many have tiptoed around the issues with generic promises and platitudes. But — surprise, surprise — consumers prefer a direct message with meaningful content.

Kantar’s new survey picks out some clear winners from the pandemic. First in line is Heinz’ “Breakfast isn’t going anywhere” campaign to provide 12 million breakfasts to vulnerable children in the UK.

Tesco’s “Some little helps” ad, which is a friendly version of a customer service announcement, prepared viewers for the covid-friendly in-store experience, and scored well for its helpfulness.

Aldi’s “We’re here for you” TV ad even risked a little humour, with Kevin the Carrot popping up to say “Go easy on the carrots everyone,” while reassuring customers that supplies were plentiful, and announcing priority shopping hours.

Guinness’ St Patrick’s Day ad was about celebrating safely and promised, “We’ll march again,” while informing customers that it had just signed a 9,000-year lease on its brewery, so, “We’re not going anywhere.”

Kantar has also come up with eight core principles for advertising in a time of disruption: 1. Talk about what you’re doing to help. 2. Be reassuring. 3. Be distinct. 4. Be enjoyable (don’t resort to “sadvertising”). 5 Give the brand a clear role. 6. Rethink media planning (people are consuming it differently). 7. Avoid the pitfalls (don’t exploit the situation). 8. Pay attention to changing consumer mindsets, because some new attitudes are here to stay.


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