Post-lockdown creativity: Honda and Sid Lee Paris want us to “Be Moved Again”

Experiencing everyday life anew after lockdown has emerged as a creative theme for advertisers (see McDonald’s, Virgin Hotels). Honda’s contribution is a film inviting us to “Be Moved Again” and enjoy the simple pleasures, as seen from a car.

Sid Lee’s ad reminds us of the fun of “playing hide and seek with the sun” and “feeling the pulse of your city.” Honda is also offering test drives on its new electrified range of cars, in keeping with the “green recovery” narrative.

Bruno Lee, strategy managing director, Sid Lee Paris, said: “2020 and the Covid crisis have brought the automotive paradox to a peak: a deep expectation from customers to rethink mobility and accelerate the electrification of the market, paired with an unprecedented level of doubt and uncertainty about the future. More than playing with a crystal ball, we just tried to reassert what the brand is famous for: products that speak to the soul of the drivers, moving all of their senses.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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