MAA blast from the past – Tony Kaye for Dunlop and AMV

The 1990s was a great era for ads – for the lucky creatives at some agencies anyway although not necessarily for clients as they picked up the mega-bills as the lads (they mostly were) had a good time.

Tony Kaye was the director du jour, famous for his eccentricities on-screen and off (although I always found him perfectly agreeable.) On one occasion he’s said to have climbed onto the roof at Saatchi HQ in Charlotte Street to bombard the creatives with notes saying they had to work with him. As indeed they did to some effect under the benign craziness of creative supremo Paul Arden.

He also worked regularly for Abbott Mead Vickers (later AMV BBDO) although quite what David Abbott – a logical sort – made of this for Dunlop I know not.

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